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The best gateway from Gatwick to Birmingham

The best gateway from Gatwick to Birmingham Gatwick International Airport is the second largest airport in the UK taking into account the number of passengers served annually.

In the international ranking of the most frequented airports London Gatwick is classified as tenth in the world. With 260,000 air transport per year, London Gatwick airport serves 35 million passengers a year. From the two terminals take off and land aircrafts belonging to 80 airlines, to over 220 destinations.

Gatwick Airport is a perfect place to explore the famous and attractive cultural points of a city like London. In The Gatwick Airport are a lot of landmarks to visit such as Woolwich Arsenal and Ascot train stations. In terms of accessibility, the airport is connected to the M23 motorway. The junction is located at the exit no. 9, then just follow the signs to lead you there. The airport is also accessible from the A23 London-Brighton road. Continue Reading