KBA – the leader of the pack in packaging Industry

KBA - the leader of the pack in packaging IndustryFor packaging printers all around the world , KBA machines represent the no. 1 choice in terms of best equipment for delivering their jobs.

Seen as the long term champion of innovation in this segment and the top manufacturer in large format presses, are only the first two reasons why KBA is considered the most reliable supplier.

They say that is easy to get to the top but hard to remain there. For the moment, as the the medium format (B1) is becoming increasingly popular, the leading position of KBA is maintained through their advanced technology and the extra-efficient power and performance of the Rapida 105 and 106 models.

It is a fact that most packaging printers (two-thirds) use KBA presses and recent figures show that 39 % of the new presses installed are made by KBA.  KBA machines range from the ones with standard configurations to those now very popular, hybrid models with complex in-line options such as the Rapida 106. The Romanian packaging industry also operates following this word wide trend and here is the most relevant example to prove it:

Transilvania Pack & Print, a well- known brand in our country, installed the highest in performance KBA printing machine in Southest Europe, KBA Rapida 145, that was acquired for two reasons.

One reason is that some of our customers have asked us to print high volumes but high quality, in 6 colors, and, as a customer oriented business we decided that we want to do so for them. Our main market segment is mainly represented by the food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and automative industry.

A second reason was to renew our fleet of printing machines. Some of the machines are older and it was necessary to implement new technologies. So these would be the two main reasons. Transilvania Pack & Print is one of the market leaders in the printing packaging field in Romania, but it is good to note that they are “one of the leaders” and not the “leader”. For it is a good thing to know that there is competitivity in Romania, and we are glad to have competition.

When someone wants to renew their printing machines fleet with such a performance machine, the rest of processes should also be renewed.  Many future investments in technology will come as a result of acquiring the Rapida 145, a top performance device which will make sure more investments will follow.

However investing in technology does not always mean a lot of money or buying the ultimate machine model if you cannot afford it. There are also other options such as acquiring an older model and bring it up to the required standards. This would be a wonderful alternative, especially for customers in the

Romanian market and perhaps, for smaller businesses who aim higher. Anyone can find, browsing the internet, hundreds of ads selling printing presses and many other things related to the printing industry.

Nonetheless, a self-aware customer should not go for the first he came across, but search deeper perhaps using different criteria and trying to make the most inspired choice. So, for wise customers we can only recommend intelligent solutions and the leader of the pack: KBA,( see Usedpresses.org).


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