Hard to Trust the Quality of Modular Houses? Vérifiez notre certifications!

Prefabricated timber houses are an amazing alternative to brick or concrete buildings: less expensive, ecological and with incredible thermal insulation properties, not to mention highly adjustable and very modern, modular houses might seem, to some people, too good to be true.

If you are the kind of person that suspects there has to be something wrong with the quality of innovative products that are, over-all, cheaper than more traditional options, there are two simple things you can do: ask for the opinion of specialists and check the certificates of the manufacturers, which you can find, for instance on their websites. You only have to click one if you want to see notre certifications on pages such as http://ecokitfrance.com/certifications/.

Purchasing a house is quite an investment and it is one of the most important steps in every person’s life. Because there are more and more alternatives on the market, including on the real estate market, you should definitely take advantage of the fact that we live in the era of information.

Although the abundance of information to which you can easily have access also includes irrelevant or inaccurate pieces of information, with a little bit of patience and attention it is not very difficult to find out what you need to know from a reliable source. There are many specialists in construction materials and buildings who have done a lot of research concerning the traditional and the innovative alternatives available on the market.

Happily, the advantages and disadvantages found by such researchers are compiled in leaflets and brochures that are published online. All you have to do, besides checking the certificates or, as the French call them, notre certifications on websites such as http://ecokitfrance.com/certifications/, is look for such research results and see for yourself a specialist’s opinion about timber modular houses.

A truly professional and dedicated company that specializes in manufacturing and/or selling modular houses should have a “notre certification” section on their websites, so that their potential customers can see for themselves the official documents that prove not only that they are allowed to commercialize such products and under a certain name, but also that the products respect the standards regarding quality.

As a potential buyer, you are probably more interested in the latter. What you should know is that, in the case of modular houses at least, the certificates will not be given for the houses as a whole, but for the materials that are being used for their production – for the timber, for instance – and for the prefabricated structures that are to be assembled according to your wishes.

These certificates are concerned with the resistance of these materials and structures, resistance to time and weather conditions, so with safety and security issues, but also with ecological standards, with health and environmental issues.

The main idea is that these certificates or notre certification, along with different studies that have been released to the public online, should help you get rid of your doubts concerning the quality of prefabricated houses and, thus, help you make a reasonable decision regarding which option is most suitable for you – a traditional brick house or a less expensive and more modern modular house.

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