Applying Your Eye Shadow The Right Way

Applying Your Eye Shadow The Right WayA great eye shadow and application process can be key to a fantastic look. If you want to improve your look and feel more beautiful, taking the time to follow some simple eye shadow advice can help. This article provides a great starting place for selecting the shadow that is right for you and applying it correctly.

When looking for eye shadows, try to find shades that complement your eyes. Brown eyes are lovely in shades of blues, plums and forest greens. For blue eyes, neutral colors, as well as rose or lavender look lovely. Green eyes are accented by purples, plums and lilacs. Choosing the right shade for your eye color will help to enhance your eyes and bring out your naturally gorgeous look.

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In addition to considering your eye color, you should also consider your skin tone when applying eye makeup. Lighter skin tones can look too pale if a shadow is too dark, and very light shadows can become lost on darker skin tones. For your best look, make sure that the color of your shadow stands out against your skin tone, but does not stand out so much that it looks awkward or very unnatural.

One mistake that many women make when applying shadows is to try and match their eye shadow to the outfit they are wearing. If the color you are wearing compliments your skin and eye color, this is okay to do at times. If the color you are wearing does not complement these two things, wearing a matching shadow will work against your natural beauty, and it will not enhance your overall look. Use caution to avoid a look that is too singular in color or you might appear washed out and lacking in definition.

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After you have chosen the shade of color that is best for you, it is time to apply it. When applying your eye shadow, always make sure your applicators are clean. Your eye is a very delicate and sensitive area. If your applicators are not clean, you risk spreading bacteria to the eye area, and you might cause an infection. Purchase new applicators about every six months, and always make sure to wash your applicators in water and a bit of baby soap in between uses for best results.

After you have the right applicators, the actual application process can begin. A key to applying eye makeup correctly is to always apply it sparingly. You want your eyes to appear natural, and you want the color of the shadows to enhance your eyes. To do this, use light brush strokes when applying your shadow, and avoid creating a look that is caked on or creased.

You now have the tips in hand to properly select and apply your eye shadow, so go out and give the process a try. Doing this correctly will help you to enhance your beautiful eyes and accentuate the overall positive effect that your makeup has on you and your look.